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A deck and guide-book combo for the less-than-spiritual visionary; concise advice for improving the human condition. The point is not to discover your spiritual destiny, or even inform your lunch choices. The Irreverent Oracle Deck is for the person seeking to dismantle misogynistic and colonizing behaviors digestibly by using examples from nature, humor and sass. Taking cues from badass forces of nature, this deck will serve as a shining beacon to get you through life's many twists & turns, all while providing some much needed insight, introspection, & inspiration in the shitstorm that is the modern climate.

Themes you'll encounter in the book:

Personal growth, homophobia, trans rights, learning, boundaries, toxic masculinity, environmentalism, fat phobia, renewable resources, self-care, protest, projected self image, symbiosis, challenging authority, conscious consumerism and much more!

*DISCLAIMER* This deck isn't for everyone, although it absolutely should be. Be it stated that the guide book does include adult language and themes that may not be suitable  for young humans or people who aren't quite ready to dismantle misogynistic and colonial behaviors in our communities just yet.

How to use the deck:

  • Pull one card in the morning for a daily wake up call.

  • When things start seeming entirely overwhelming and you can't imagine how they'll ever change for the better, pull a card to gain some perspective.

  • If someone you know is being a bad friend, have them pull a card. *Be sure to rig the deck so that they get the Fly. It will be the advice they need to hear.

  • Gift a deck to your homophobic misogynistic family member for a christian holiday that is based in paganism (aka Christmas RE: Yule)

  • Anonymously gift a deck to your shitty boss in hopes that it makes them a better person.

  • Leave a deck in a public place as an offering to whoever finds it. If you believe in things like "the universe," then the right person will stumble on it exactly when they need it the most.